What We Teach

Middle School:  The purpose of our middle school classes is to introduce our students to the foundations of the Christian Faith.  Beginning in sixth grade, our middle school students are introduced to important topics such as who is God, life's purpose, sin and redemption, important characteristics of the Christian life, and spiritual disciplines.  Before leaving middle school, we equip each of our eighth grade students with their own study Bible in an easy to read translation.

High School:  Our high school curriculum works on a four year rotation and includes the following:

Family, Community and Careers.  This course picks up where our middle school courses leave off and include important topics such as building healthy relationships, maintaining healthy family roles, time and money management, goal setting, and vocation-- all from the perspective of God's Word.

Social Skills: Lessons in Leadership:  This course focuses on teaching students how to be leaders in their school, families, churches, and community by examining the life of several Old Testament and New Testament Characters. The course also focuses on "servant leadership" as manifested in the life of Jesus.

The Bible in History and Culture: This course teaches a systematic overview of the Bible and how it has shaped art, history, culture, and current issues.

Comparative Religions: This course examines the core beliefs, values, and worldview of the major religions around the world, beginning with Christianity, which is taught as absolute truth.  Students are also taught how to effectively and compassionately relate to and have evangelical discussions with people belonging to other belief systems.